Inside Outside: A relationship that moves me!

  • YEAR
    Thomas, Mark J. T.
    2006 Conference Papers
    Human Issues


ABSTRACT: “How does the ‘inside/outside’ connection of a residential dwelling, affect the perceptions,
preferences and behaviours of the occupants?”

The aim of this study was to investigate the behaviours and attitudes of residential occupants, and how
these were affected by the design of the house, paying particular attention to the connection between
inside and outside spaces, and the influence on energy consumption. This study drew primarily on data
gathered from a cross section of residences across the greater Adelaide metropolitan area. The design
and construction of each house was studied and occupants interviewed regarding their interaction with
the environment, covering issues such as ventilation, heating, cooling and use of living spaces (inside
and outside). The energy consumption of each house was derived from power accounts. This data was
then correlated and the patterns interpreted. Along with this interpretation, many incidental associated
observations were made. The results of this study offer some interesting links between the way
occupants perceive their environment and their behaviour. The correlation between the indoor/outdoor
connection and use, and the consumption of energy is discussed, as are a number of other incidental
observations derived from the gathered data


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