Increasing the capacity for built environment students to connect community to decision making on space

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    Hes, Dominique
    Hernandez‐Santin, Cristina
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science, Practice, Community and Industry Engagement
    Conference Papers


Place Agency is a collaborative project focused on the theory and practice of placemaking and its various strategies. The project aims to build capacity, test theory, experiment with processes and identify methods to evaluate placemaking decisions in order to create vibrant, citizen engaged public places and ultimately, better cities. A consortium of five universities has co-created a comprehensive suite of placemaking educational modules informed by the industry and have created a framework to deliver ‘sandbox studios’ where students engage with, design and/or build real-world placemaking interventions. This paper outlines how the project intends to assess the learnings of the students participating in a sandbox studio as understood based on the feedback from the community, the lecturers and the students themselves. Is it increasing the capacity for understanding and implementing placemaking? Is it creating place agents? This paper will present the theory, the practice and the outcomes of those who have participated in the project in 2018.


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