Improving Indoor Air Quality in Aged Care Centres using a supplementary ventilation system

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    Rajagopalan, Priyadarsini
    Andamon, Mary Myla
    2022 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Several studies demonstrate the importance of indoor air quality on health, well-being and productivity of occupants. However, much of the research on indoor environments focuses on adult workers in offices, students in school settings, and typical residential buildings. A significant proportion of Australia’s population consist of old people in aged care homes who are vulnerable to worsening indoor air quality. This study monitored the air quality and ventilation in the common rooms of aged care centres and explored the benefits of adding a fresh filtered air ventilation system in the rooms. The results of the monitoring showed that the addition of fresh filtered air ventilation system reduced the indoor CO2 concentration levels by as much as 1000ppm. This study improved the understanding on how various design and operating conditions affect ventilation rates and air quality in aged care settings.

Keywords: aged care centre; air quality; ventilation; CO2 concentration.


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