Impact of print journalism on architecture professions and product

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    George, Abraham
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Sustainable Architectural Design-An Interdisciplinary Approach


Abstract: Development of print journalism with its ‘positive and generative impact’ is central to
dissemination of knowledge in the process of knowing and developing various theories and practices in
architecture. Moreover, ‘the influence of other media on the transmission of architectural ideas’ can
outweigh that of the experience of the buildings themselves. Since the way one communicates is the
way that person thinks and speaks, language and linguistics influence print communication to a large
extent. In a way, as language affects architectural production through expressed theories, created built
forms affect discourseand the formation of new theories, establishing the power of print on the design in
architecture. The paper exposes how architecture journalism, over the period of time, influenced the
profession and architectural products. All over the globe, one can see new interpretations of
architecture and rediscovery of traditional concepts and practices. Trends in vogue leave no culture
anywhere uninfluenced; neither in eastern nor western. The research probes to understand the role and
relevance of architectural journalism in facilitating the architectural expressions in all times. Further, the research identifies the products of journalism, and prioritizes the types of products such as dailies, magazines and professional journals which have influenced the designs and architectural products, and attempts to establish ‘how they do this’. The research critically evaluates the reporting, by way of design descriptions, context, position adopted by the reporter, use of graphics and images, and the readers of these journalistic productions. The paper also explores the strategies deployed by the publishers to get more readerships and to influence readers constructively, in an effort to generate a better model for communication.

Keywords: Print-journalism, architecture, discourse, design-description


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