“I’m a designer, get me out of tech class!”: closing the gap between design and technology education

  • YEAR
    Demirbilek, Nur
    Osborne, Lindy
    Caldwell, Glenda A.
    Demirbilek, Oya
    2010 Conference Papers
    Design Education


ABSTRACT: The following paper explores the use of collaborative pedagogical approaches to advance
foundational architectural design education, by linking design process to sustainable technology
principles. After a brief discussion on architectural design education, the mentioned collaborative
approach is described. This approach facilitates students’ exchange of knowledge between two
courses, despite no explicit/assessable requirement to do so. The result for the students is deeper
learning and a design process that is enriched through collaboration with sustainable technology. The
success of this approach has been measured through questionnaires, evaluation surveys, and a
comparative assessment of students common to both courses. The paper focuses on the challenges
and innovations in connecting architectural design and technology education, where students are
encouraged to implement lessons learnt, thereby closing the gap that these courses have traditionally


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