Identifying substantive IEQ factors for efficient building management

    Kim, Jungsoo
    de Dear, Richard
    Architecture and the environment


This study aims to develop a rational framework for prioritizing different aspects of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) for the strategic management of IEQ in office buildings. Based on the Post Occupancy Evaluation survey database from the Center for the Built Environment (CBE), a two-dimensional evaluation of various IEQ factors was conducted by (1) estimating their strength of relationship with overall workspace satisfaction as an importance index, and (2) measuring Actual Percentage of Dissatisfied (APD) as a performance index. A Substantiveness Index (SI) was derived from this analysis and it led to a three-way classification of the 15 IEQ factors in CBE’s survey questionnaire: Serious (Sound privacy), Of concern (Temperature, Amount of space, Noise level, Visual privacy and Air quality), and Trivial (Colours &amp textures, Adjustability of furniture, Comfort of furnishing, Visual comfort, Workspace cleanliness, Ease of interaction, Amount of light, Building maintenance and Building cleanliness).

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