Identifying performance parameters in public-private partnerships: gauging the stakeholder perspective

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    Barta, Rikita
    Menz, Sacha
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Construction, Materials and Technology


The definition of building performance may vary from different points of view. It could aim at performance targeted through a financial point of view, a user’s or a developer’s point of view. Can we have a project ‘on time’, ‘in budget’, that successfully delivers a 100% of its scope? Achieving the economic efficiency aims at achieving pre-determined objectives of the project with minimum expenditure of resources. PPP initiative is mostly taken to circumvent budgetary constraints, encourage efficiency and quality in projects. This paper investigates some of the sensitive parameters affecting the economic performance in Public-Private Partnerships through a stakeholder based intervention, to aid future study towards optimization. The intervention targeted both sides of the backdrop: the construction companies as well as the investment companies to understand the priorities of investors. Further study would encompass studying various forms of PPP, their sensitivity to project parameters and existing uncertainties affecting their performance. This parametric identification would aid us further in developing a business case for PPP in housing. Further investigation will be conducted through structured interviews, surveys and market case studies. Using the Sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulation, a kit of methods for PPP application in social housing will be developed.


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