Identification of Parameters to Develop an Evidence-based Framework to Improve Building Code Amendment in New Zealand

  • YEAR
    Nwadike, Amarachukwu Nnadozie
    Wilkinson, Suzanne
    Aigwi, Itohan Esther
    2020 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science, Design and Environment Science, Urban Science
    Conference Papers


This paper presents an evidence-based framework by identifying parameters that promote New Zealand building code improvement. The study explores how each identified parameter contributes to achieving the primary functions of the building code practice. In justifying the rationale behind the need to develop a framework, the study conducted a narrative review of the current knowledge within the building code context to enhance its functions for better building performance and quality. The study identified five action priority features such as regulation and administration, design and implementation, enforcement, compliance and amendment process. Each action priority features has established criteria that describes what needs to be improved. The identified parameters offer a unique opportunity in balancing stakeholders diversity interest while ensuring a transparent improvement process. The implementation of the proposed framework would facilitate a robust building code improvement.

Keywords: Building code improvement; regulatory system; amendment process; implementation.


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