Human factors in naturally ventilated sedentary working environments

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    Gamage, Wajishani
    Lau, Stephen S.Y.
    Jia, Beisi
    2015 Conference Papers
    Built Environment Performance Assessment
    Conference Papers


The challenges proceeded by intense global energy consumerism such as global temperature increase are predicted to be mitigated by good low-energy design. However mixed mode and other low energy systems such as natural ventilation and advanced natural ventilation constitute a considerable interaction between context, climate, building and the occupant. The tolerance of sensory stimuli are influenced by variety of internal processors attributed to feedback between building occupants and their environment. This research explores the influence of natural ventilation on evaluation of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in office buildings, in the tropical monsoon context of Sri Lanka. A questionnaire survey is used to measure the subjective evaluation of IEQ. Empirical measurements of indoor environment conditions are collected during the survey period. The subjective and objective performance of naturally ventilated buildings are compared against two air conditioned building types (central air conditioning and mini split system air conditioning).


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