How to design-fabricate-assemble? The pursuit for efficient and effectively bespoke architecture in the age of digital continuum through mass-tailorisation

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    Kim, Jun Sik
    Sweet, Kevin
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Construction material and construction technology


The advent of digital methodologies in architecture has signalled the promise for the reassociation
of architecture and construction; the return to the architect as a master builder.
Concurrently, the advent of design-fabrication-assembly digital continuums provides excellent
opportunities for new architectural methodologies. These new architectural methodologies are, in turn,
pushing the limits of existing digital-based concept within the digital continuum. Learning from the
shortfalls of mass-customisation, mass-tailorisation is an example of such development, allowing the
controlled tailorisation of the outputs provided by a mass-customisation system, to achieve the
qualitative benefits of mass-production with the flexibility of choice – bound by limits. This research aims to create and evaluate how mass-tailorised systems can develop a digital methodology for the
advancement of efficient and effectively bespoke architecture that responds to specific design contexts.
To ground the research in an evaluative context, the research begins with the aim of developing masstailorisable six-piece Burr puzzles. Through the use of the digital continuum, the research studies the relationship between the Burr puzzles and mass-customisation and its limitations, followed by a designled development that shifts the research to a mass-tailorisation system. This paper reports and reflects upon this ongoing research towards mass-tailorisation through the digital continuum.

Keywords: Mass-tailorisation; mass-customisation; mass-production; artificial intelligence.


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