How important is Insulation in the Modern Office Building?

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    Grieve, Brittany
    Isaacs, Nigel
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Adding insulation limits the rate at which heat is transferred between the internal and external
environments. Consequently, there is an expectation that the presence of insulation will reduce energy consumption as less heating and cooling will be required. For internal dominated buildings located in certain climates, an excessive amount of insulation may prevent heat loss through the wall, increasing the energy required to cool the building. Real New Zealand office building calibrated energy models are used to explore how the energy use of a building interacts with load densities, climate and insulation level. It is found that the internal load level has a significant impact on the overall energy consumption, in all the explored New Zealand climates. An increase in cooling energy requirements was observed to occur in heating dominated buildings with a low load level and patterns of use.


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