How do we sketch with someone 1000 miles away?: distance collaboration for designers

  • YEAR
    Headley, Dustin
    Slee, Ben
    De la Cruz, Eliel
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Interactive Environments and Collaboration


This paper frames preliminary explorations in the process of connecting new designers in an online, distance learning environment, developing strategies for distance education and collaboration. The research seeks to better understand the multifaceted issues developed by the loss of in-class face time in relation to growing global communities and education systems. The involved authors have begun to explore the complexities of not only communicating technical knowhow as it relates to design (both in terms of building systems and software instruction) but also at engaging the loss of the physical studio interactions. There has been substantial study regarding the efficacy of online instruction as it pertains to general subject matter, however, study into specific relationships and interactions in the design process remain fertile ground for research (Harrison, 2015). The authors are exploring remote technological solutions to support the behavioural dimension that in-class interactions provide (desk critique with trace paper, group critique, peer teaching, etc.). This paper discusses the implementation of an online instruction methodology while additionally exploring its efficacy in getting students to explore tools, ideas and concepts beyond simply following instruction. This seeks to engage the question – How do we sketch with someone 1000 miles away?


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