How Architects incorporate ESD Criteria into the Design Process

  • YEAR
    Buckton, Julie
    Tucker, Richard
    2007 Conference Papers
    Human Issues: social, cultural, economic


Abstract: This paper will seek to answer; “How do architects in Victoria incorporate Ecologically
Sustainable Development (ESD) criteria into the design process?”

For the purpose of this paper, “Ecologically Sustainable Development” is defined in line with the judging
criteria used by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects for the ‘Sustainable Architecture Award’. The
RAIA states that (Maddison, 2003 p.7), “the goal of sustainable architecture is to achieve development that
improves the total quality of life, in a way that maintains the processes on which life depends. The project
assessment covers ecologically sustainable development and energy efficient design.”

By researching exemplary building projects that have been awarded a Victorian Sustainable Architecture
Award, this paper will enlighten a design methodology for the pursuit of excellence in ecologically
sustainable development. Key elements in the design process will be determined by comparing and
analysing the processes of different architectural practices. This will be achieved through the study of
published literature on the award winning designs, qualitative analysis of interviews with the architects who
designed the selected projects and quantitative analysis of questionnaires completed by the architects


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