Healing architecture: a study on the physical aspects of healing environment in hospital design

  • YEAR
    Aripin, Srazali
    2006 Conference Papers
    Daylight and lighting


ABSTRACT: The complexity of designing healthcare facilities functionally and psychologically is
apparent. Apart from building services, various requirements of the Ministry of Health (MoH) are
expected to be followed by healthcare designers.

This paper outlines the role and importance of physical built environment in the design of hospitals as a
means to create a healing environment. Lighting (day and artificial lighting) will be one of the focus
areas to be examined in the study of healing architecture. At the outset, the existing conditions in 100
to 150 bedded hospital buildings in Malaysia will be reviewed and further investigation will be carried
out with particular attention to the design and implementation of lighting and its relationship to other
environmental factors. The paper concludes with the discussion on the influence of lighting in hospital
design as one of the physical aspects in creating a healing environment.


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