Guidelines for personalization opportunities in apartment housing

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    Yavari, Fatemeh
    Vale, Brenda
    Khajehzadeh, Iman
    2015 Conference Papers
    Architecture and Social Research
    Conference Papers


One of the current problems for the architectural profession is the lack of attention given to the users of buildings and their psychological needs, especially in mass housing projects and particularly
in apartments. Thus, the main question behind this research is how to design a residential complex to
support different types of client needs. The aim is the creation of a dwelling in which anybody can enjoy living and establish and present his/her personality. This study seeks an acceptable relationship
between architect and user based on the psychological needs of users through a historical investigation. It tries to establish new definitions of personalization by focusing on the psychological needs of human beings (especially the needs of respect and self-esteem) to introduce new ways of obtaining more user satisfaction with future homes. Following observations of a typical apartment block in Iran of how and why people personalise their apartments and the problems they encounter, guidelines are proposed for the stages of the design and building process to obtain a better context for personalisation by residents, whether owning or renting.


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