Green building design and visual persuasion on occupants’ proenvironmental behaviours

  • YEAR
    Wu, Susie R.
    Green, Michael
    Chen, Jiquan
    Tang, Ying
    Yang, Anni
    2015 Conference Papers
    Architecture and Social Research
    Conference Papers


It is of interest to know whether and how green building design can communicate green messages to the occupants and lead to their pro-environmental behaviours. The distinctive power of building elements as visual objects and their use for visual persuasion has not been studied in the context of green buildings. A preliminary survey was carried out in Melbourne Council House 2 and the results showed the potential of using green building design as a persuasion tool to influence the occupants’ pro-environmental behaviours. This finding ensured the necessity of a future full-study to extract: 1) the effectiveness of the (visual) green building design on persuading occupants to behave more pro-environmentally at building-level; and 2) the effects due to the occupants’ awareness and perception of the green design at individual-level. A hierarchical regression model with Bayesian inference was proposed and tested with fake data simulation.


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