Generating Urban Codes for Neighbourhoods

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    Chowdhury, Shuva
    Schnabel, Marc Aurel
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


This research has developed a participatory methodology to generate urban codes to achieve the desired configuration for neighbourhoods in New Zealand. Urban codes are the qualities inherent in
the built environment which have either evolved by themselves or have been guided by rules and
regulations. The work develops a novel decision‐making platform that brings together city level and local neighbourhood data to aid participatory urban design decisions. This platform offers stakeholder collaboration and engagement in complex urban design decision‐making processes. The research develops a configurational design method by employing virtual instruments to generate building forms. The research methodology establishes a middle approach between top‐down and bottom‐up urban design methods where the generated urban forms can be visualised in an online platform for stakeholders to get real‐time feedback. In particular, it explores an alternative urban design process as an algorithmic knowledge‐based system for neighbourhood design.


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