Gateway Pavilion: Returning to Conventional Practice

  • YEAR
    Janus, Adrian
    Contractor, Rohini
    Patel, Yusef
    McPherson, Peter
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


The design and production of architecture is being heavily influenced by software, both
positively and negatively. On the one side, it can be seen to provide new design opportunities while on
the other it can create unexpected constraints. It is attractive and easy to generate complex digital forms
however to realise it may seem overwhelming. This is reflected in architects constantly developing
complex digital forms but they are seldom translated into production. Articles suggest students can work
with digital software without much consideration of tolerance for manufacturing, however project and
material realties say otherwise. When an appropriate workflow is applied, the making process is not as
complicated as many are led to believe. The Gateway Pavilion on Waiheke Island reveals pedagogical
requirements to teach students essential skills to produce complex designs with a practical build process.
This paper is a case study reviewing the alternate route taken when digital fabrication is no longer an


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