Gaps when mapping technical skills in courses and assessments: Can we explain the gaps?

  • YEAR
    Shannon, Susan J.
    Swift, John Paul
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: In order to map the graduate attributes of courses (or subjects, papers or units) Prismatic
Architectural Research developed the APMap prototype tool which mapped the graduate attributes of
courses which aggregate into a degree Program (or Course). In a further development, the research
was extended to encompass mapping of assessments of any type against courses. Gaps were
revealed between the extent to which Course Coordinators believed they were assessing any given
attribute in their evaluation of the constituent parts of the course, when considering the course at
course level, and at assessment level. This paper explores that assessment vs coursework difference
in the dimension of technical skills acquisition and demonstration. Shannon (2010) has shown that
employers of M Arch (formerly B Arch) graduates highly value the demonstration of technical skills at
graduation. APMap may assist in stakeholders (employers) understanding where students acquire and
demonstrate the acquisition of these skills, and as an aid to reflection for academic staff and University


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