Games technology and building performance analysis

  • YEAR
    Marsh, Dr. Andrew
    Thoo, Sid
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Digital Design
    Conference Papers


Modern games technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years. This is true of both open source and commercial games engines, both of which provide an infrastructure for the real-time visualisation of complex geometry with dynamic lighting, shadowing and texture effects, together with support for sound, animation and responsive user interaction. Games engines are extremely flexible – just as capable of rendering flight simulations, battleship flotillas, urban car chases or the interiors of spaceships and dungeons – all whilst overlaying detailed user interface elements and dynamic contextual information. This paper describes the first stage of a research project that aims to utilise this new technology for better representation of building performance analysis information and concepts. The initial work of building the frameworks required for visualising and interacting with this kind of data is presented as well as how gamification concepts have been used in the development of some preliminary online educational tools used to demonstrate and test it.


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