From research to practice: exploring 3D printing in production of architectural Mashrabiya

  • YEAR
    Headley, Dustin
    Almerbati, Nehal
    Ford, Peter
    Taki, Ahmad
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Modes of Product and Mass Customisation


Digital fabrication has suggested the supplanting of labour via robotics since it affords substantial increases in speed and accuracy in the development of architectural components. This potentiality might offer solutions for architectures on the verge of extinction due to vanishing skilled labour. This research investigates the possibilities of using new manufacturing techniques to replace the historic artisans with digital master craftsmen, specifically re-developing the Mashrabiya. The work looks at several case studies in architecture and 3D printing; bridging the gap between historically relevant climactic design strategies and digital or parametric design and fabrication. This paper concludes with a summary of a parametrically developed Mashrabiya screen system developed by the authors that is programmable based on core criteria found in the archetype and is currently being explored for product development. The work contributes to the developing body of knowledge surrounding the applications and implications of technologies that enable mass customization.


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