From model to drawing and back: reversing the design process

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    Raonic, Aleksandra
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Design Education and Design Research


his paper rethinks the role and the position of an analogue model within the design process, in the design studio setting, at the earliest stage of architectural education. The main argument set by this paper is that by altering the conventional organization of the design process, students’ abilities to generate complex spatial configurations and demanding geometries significantly improve. By starting the design process with an analogue (physical) model instead of with a two dimensional drawing, students are early on equipped with an instrumental method that introduces them to the realm of genetic architecture, algorithmic thinking and the idea of analogue computing. This research is conducted within a regular design studio (level 1) where the coursework formulates the basic parameters. The result of this research is students’ work analysed and evaluated by a defined set of criteria and documented in this paper.


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