Four value propositions for architecture education

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    Aranda-Mena, Guillermo
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Design Education
    Conference Papers


This paper proposes four managerial and business techniques that architects and their practices can benefit from. The 2008 global economic downturn and follow up financial crises has triggered the author to engage with small scale design firms to becoming more productive in the production of architecture. The overarching value proposition is that professional practice needs to stay relevant in today’s economy and for better ways to educate architects. To this end, four managerial competencies and business capabilities familiar to the author have been brought into the design studio space including: (1) Value Management, (2) Stakeholder Management, (3) Building Information Modelling and (4) Reflective Practice. These are key elements among the emerging set of competencies put forward in this paper.


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