Fisherman Settlement and Housing Innovation based on Bioclimatic Design in Surabaya

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    Defiana, Ima
    Setijanti, Purwanita
    Mahendra, Angger Sukma
    Utami, Adinda Sih Pinasti Retno
    Santosa, Happy Ratna
    2017 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science
    Conference Papers


Fisherman settlements at the eastern coast of Surabaya are characterized by densely populated
areas, some substandard houses and poor infrastructure conditions. Since some houses are crowded and
substandard, innovation of the settlement and houses become very important. The innovation, as the
process of introducing new idea should be directed to create more healthy and comfortable settlement,
with adequate infrastructure, at least for the next 50 years. The aim of research was to find an innovative
design of fisherman settlement and houses based on bioclimatic design. The bioclimatic design was
chosen, since this was based on the strategy to give comfort to the house dwellers, bearing in mind the
climatic conditions of the coastal environment and climate change in the future. Together those,
improvement in the sanitation and infrastructure will create healthier fisherman settlement. The method
used in the research surveyed in the crowded settlement and houses, to indicate the inadequate
settlement and house design, which made the conditions uncomfortable to the dwellers. Mapping of the
settlement’s infrastructure and sanitation was done, to indicate the improvement required. The result of
the research shows that the innovation of the settlement and houses based on bioclimatic design was
acceptable to the fishermen, if the innovation was matched to their activities.


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