Factors that Affects Maturity Level of BIM Implementation in Indonesia; Case Studies of 5 Construction Key Actors

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    Larasati, Dewi
    Willis, Furry Andini
    Hanifah, Yulita
    Agirachman, Fauzan Alfi
    Suhendri, Suhendri
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Building Assessment and Evaluation
    Conference Papers


Construction industry is one of the strategic sectors in Indonesia’s development. Investment in the sector increases significantly every year. However, the performance of Indonesia’s construction industry is still poor, as indicated by high accident rate at construction site, building failure, as well as poor value for money of the construction product. Developed countries have regulated Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a mandatory practice to improve the performance of their construction industry. However, there is no BIM regulation in Indonesia. Even worse, maturity level of Indonesian construction industry to implement BIM is considerably low. This research identifies factors that affect the maturity level of BIM implementation in Indonesia. The result is expected to increase the level of confidence of the stakeholders in Indonesia’s construction industry to implement BIM in their projects. Methodology used in this research is a distribution and comparative analysis to the interview results. Direct and questionnaire interviews are done to five actors of key stakeholders in construction industry. From the findings, it is clear that factors that affect the maturity level of BIM implementation are: the commitment of the leader; system and infrastructure development; and quality and capability of human resources.


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