Exploration into sky brightness capture through digital camera configuration

  • YEAR
    Shahriar, Abu
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: The paper briefly states the configuration procedure for a digital camera and fisheye lens
for entire sky luminance measurement, which is divided into three stages. The first configuration
process uses experimental method to determine digital image segmentation based on the EKO MS-
321LR sky scanners luminance measurement scheme. The segmented images are converted to binary
image filters, which can be used for extracting RGB values. A camera response function to convert
image color values and exposure to photometric values is determined in the second stage through
cross-calibration between the scanner and camera. The third configuration experiment analyses image
distortion and vignetting caused by the fisheye lens and provides correction factors for entire sky
luminance measurement. The configured digital camera and fish-eye lens has the ability to capture sky
images every 2 Minutes and provides luminance values of 92% accuracy.


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