Example of Medical Information on Asbestos: Transdisciplinary Research in Architectural Science

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    Petrović, Dr Emina Kristina
    2017 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science
    Conference Papers


In recent years, there has been an increase in discussion of the role transdisciplinary research
can play in many fields of study, opening the questions of its definition, similarities and differences with
other seemingly similar approaches. This paper discusses the importance of the transdisciplinary research
using the example of integration of medical and architectural information when evaluating building
materials. Specific focus is on the impact building materials present for human health, which is one area
of study which cannot belong solely in architecture or health sciences, and consequently requires some
collaboration or integration between these disciplines. It is proposed that transdisciplinary research offers
a significant platform for study of health impacts of building materials but also for research in architectural
science in general. This paper examines a range of studies related to human health impacts from one
building material, asbestos, observing the key patterns in the used research strategies. Based on this
analysis, it is possible to identify and recommend an effective transdisciplinary approach. The core value
of this paper is that it contributes to development of new research practices which can foster more
effective development in architectural science.


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