Evolution of buildings in four tropical regions with regards to thermal comfort

  • YEAR
    Amasuomo, Tamaraukuro Tammy
    Baird, George
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Space Quality
    Conference Papers


Recent climate projections suggest that tropical regions are very likely to warm more than the average global temperature rise. For the 40% of the world’s population in these regions, it is imperative the building industries come up with appropriate building design solutions for achieving thermal comfort. This study draws on the history of architecture, and the remarkable indigenous building techniques, which if properly adapted could make a great contribution to energy conservation and thermal comfort. This study conducts a review of the building morphology in four tropical regions (the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands). It includes a review of spatial composition, building techniques, forms and materials based on information ranging from early explorers to recent literature. Despite the diversity in continents, creeds, and cultures within the tropics, each region appears to have come independently to similar solutions in their struggle with similar environmental challenges whilst establishing basic regional characteristics. The paper concludes by adapting selected indigenous building solutions for improving thermal comfort in the tropical regions.


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