Evaluating the UK-Building Performance Evaluation (UK-BPE) methodology for a residential green building in India

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    Verma, Sahil
    Manu, Sanyogita
    Dixit, Maaz
    2019 Conference Papers
    Building Performance Evaluation
    Conference Papers


Abstract: As a developing country, India is growing economically due to which it is experiencing an
unprecedented construction boom and the residential sector is one of the biggest energy consumers.
Recent studies suggest that there is an increase in the residential green building footprint in India,
however there is a gap observed between the intended and actual performance in green buildings. To
ensure that the design intent of such buildings is actually realized, a customized India-specific Building
Performance Evaluation (BPE) methodology is required. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the
existing UK-BPE methodology through one case study and check its applicability and relevance for
residential green buildings in India. The study shows that methods listed in the UK-BPE are more inclined
towards performance-oriented targets and need to be modified to evaluate the performance of green
buildings that follow the prescriptive path. This study is being undertaken by a project called Learn-BPE,
it is a UK / India research project which aims to undertake collaborative research and educational
activities to develop the methodology to evaluate the actual performance of buildings from a technical
and occupant perspective, also called building performance evaluation (BPE).
Keywords: Building performance evaluation (BPE), residential green building, India


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