Environmental design: incorporating a rating tool into the design of commercial buildings

  • YEAR
    Lamborn, Chris
    Luther, Mark Brandt
    Fuller, Robert
    2004 Conference Papers
    Architecture and the environment


ABSTRACT: Environmental performance assessment or green building rating tools for commercial
buildings are one of the more recent responses to encourage green solutions for commercial
buildings. This paper discusses the initial stages of a research project that looks at the impact of a
rating tool, such as Green Star, on design. There are numerous ways in which an architect can design
commercial buildings, but environmental design solutions have consistently failed to become
accepted practice. Therefore, how will this tool be incorporated into the building design process?
Developed to assist the designer can the inclusion of a rating tool such as Green Star provide an
effective framework to encourage the inclusion of environmental design strategies in commercial
buildings? A field study, recording the design process of a commercial building, anticipates that a
whole building assessment approach towards design, as proposed through the Green Star Rating
Tool, will provide an effective framework to set and monitor design targets in order to optimise the
environmental design goals in commercial buildings.


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