Environmental design and performance of the ENERPOS building, Reunion island, France

  • YEAR
    Franco, Maximilien
    Baird, George
    Garde, François
    Lenoir, Aurélie
    2011 Conference Papers
    Sustainability Issues


ABSTRACT: Located in the French tropical Island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean, the 681 m2
ENERPOS Building was inaugurated in January 2009. The building is located on the Saint Pierre Campus
of the University of Reunion Island and was designed from the outset to be a net zero energy project with
mixed-mode air conditioning systems in some areas.
This paper reports the results of a recent user survey of the staff and students who use the building, and
relates the users’ perceptions to some of the environmental control systems installed. Indications are that
the users have been able to achieve thermally comfortable conditions for much of the year without
recourse to the air conditioning systems. However, there is still the need for more readily available
information on how to get the best from the windows and the ceiling fan systems for the ever-changing
cohorts of students, and staff who may only use the classrooms intermittently. For the more permanent
staff group, preliminary indications are of improved health and productivity by comparison with their
experience of other buildings.


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