Enhancing students’ experience in real-time data collection and utilisation: A cloud-based post-occupancy evaluation app

  • YEAR
    Woo, Jin
    Edirisinghe, Ruwini
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Building Science and Built Environment Quality


This paper presents the process of developing and testing a cloud-based post-occupancy evaluation (POE) app to enhance students’ experience in real-time data collection and utilisation. A pilot POE study was developed and conducted as part of student class activities in a lecture theatre during an undergraduate course. Three parameters on perceived indoor conditions – temperature, humidity and air freshness – were selected in correspondence with physical parameters. A cloud-connected wireless sensor network was used to collect physical measurements (quantitative data) such as temperature and relative humidity through TelosB sensors, and a smart phone app was used to collect data on occupants’ perceptions (qualitative data) and to update the data repository in real-time. An immediate visualisation of the collected data was presented during the pilot study, explaining how the cloud-based POE app works and how further statistical analysis can be conducted. The pilot study confirmed that the cloud-based POE app is capable of capturing occupant feedback with great speed and convenience. The immediate visualisation of both quantitative and qualitative data also encouraged the student participants to enhance their experience in real-time data collection and utilisation in the building science course. Further statistical analysis and reporting capabilities of the real-time system can fill the current methodological gap of POE data collection and utilisation in building management.


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