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    Evola, Gianpiero
    Margani, Giuseppe
    2014 Conference Papers
    Buildings & Energy


The energy retrofit of residential buildings towards net-ZEB standard represents today the best practice to reduce significantly energy demand and dependence on fossil fuels. In order to get the net-ZEB standard in retrofitting actions, this paper proposes a flexible technical solution for improving the energy performance of the Italian residential real estate built in 1950-1990, i.e. before the enforcement of specific regulations about the reduction of energy consumption. To this aim, a typical apartment block located in Catania (Sicily) has been considered as a case study. For this building, a new modular fa├žade system has been designed, hosting ceramic and photovoltaic panels. These panels represent a good compromise in terms of aesthetic quali-ty and efficiency, and are supposed to be combined in order to maxim-ize the solar energy collection and to enhance the architectural image. The proposed system will be installed through a steel frame, which al-lows easy application and effective rear panel ventilation, while an in-sulation layer is provided to improve the thermal transmittance of the building envelope. The improvement of the envelope insulation and of the energy systems, as well as the on-site energy production, allow reaching the net-ZEB standard, with an investment payback time of 7-11 years.


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