ENABLING FORM TO BE ADJUSTED BASED ON PERFORMANCE Performance-based parametric design approach for high-rise buildings’ integrated wind turbines

  • YEAR
    Abdolhossein-pour, Farid
    Alaghmandan, Matin
    Krawczyk, Robert J.
    2013 Conference Papers
    Not Presented Papers


Attempts to integrate performance analysis with architectural design process have been commonly restricted to final design stage assessments when it is too late for major modifications in buildings’ form. Similarly, enhancement of wind power production in high-rise architecture via optimization of buildings’ aerodynamic behaviour has been problematically incorporated in the schematic design stage. Therefore, these efforts have not been resulted in creation of a design agenda and aerodynamic guidelines for form generation in early design phases. This paper, accordingly, discusses a parametric design procedure to optimize wind power production in high-rise office buildings via aerodynamic transformations and refinement of form. The paper’s intention also includes the development of fundamental architectural strategies and guidelines for the design process of tall office buildings integrated wind turbines.



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