Employing graduate attribute mapping to bridge the divide from education to industry

  • YEAR
    Shannon, Susan J.
    Swift, John Paul
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: Worldwide there are many motivating factors that underpin a sustained interest in
graduate attribute mapping. These factors have driven an increased level of institutional accountability
to stakeholders, particularly funding groups, and industry. When the graduate attributes of
professionally orientated and accredited courses are mapped, industry could expect that their
requirements overlap those of graduates attributes. But how would industry prospectively know what
attributes graduates possessed? This question drove a collaboration between the University of
Adelaide and Prismatic Architectural Research – to develop a prototype system for eliciting and
mapping the graduate attributes of courses which aggregate into a degree Program or Course. This
study proceeded through distilling the Graduate Attributes of the relevant accreditation bodies for
professional architects, landscape architects and planners, and developing a template for industry
accredited bodies and academic-derived graduate attributes. Course coordinators were then asked to
“vote” with a pre-set number of tokens against these aggregated attributes, for the extent to which they
were contained within the course. The results were mapped onto a data base developed to display the
course’s attributes as bar graphs, donut charts, or, in an ambitious development, as an undulating
landscape of the attributes from responses, for the information of stakeholders.


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