ELEFRONT: Collaborative BIM with Grasshopper

  • YEAR
    van der Heijden, Ramon
    Riese, Martin
    2013 Conference Papers
    Generative, Parametric & Evolutionary Architecture


Elefront for Grasshopper will make it possible to convert your Rhino models into fully parametric generative BIM models. It is now possible to collectively work with multiple people on the same Grasshopper project at the same time. Elefront allows you to combine the parametric nature of Grasshopper with Building Information to generate intelligent geometry with an infinite amount of user defined attributes. Possibilities for integration with 3rd party software like Revit, Tekla, Strand and Ecotect are endless. This poster will introduce the participants to the tools, the possibilities and to how these could potentially revolutionize the way teams work on parametric models.


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