Educating environmental awareness: creativity in integrated environmental design teaching

  • YEAR
    Rutherford, Peter
    Wilson, Robin
    2006 Conference Papers
    The Education of Future Architects


ABSTRACT: This paper argues that whilst the traditional satellite approach of lectures and studio is an
efficient and convenient method for delivering and assessing work in environmental design in an
architectural curriculum, it by no means guarantees that this work will be apparent within design studio.
In light of the emphasis on design to fulfil environmental as well as comfort needs for the user,
environmental design is once again being brought back into the creative domain of the architect. This
paper will therefore describe a pedagogy that has been shown to unify environmental design teaching
with design studio in a creative manner using examples from two disparate undergraduate courses as
offered by the University of Nottingham. Whilst by no means is this approach meant as a prescriptive
solution, it explores concepts that may form the starting point for discussion in other schools of


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