Do certified green office buildings in India perform as intended?

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    Gupta, Rajat
    Gregg, Matt
    Singla, Sajal
    Panchal, Rupesh
    2019 Conference Papers
    Building Performance Evaluation
    Conference Papers


This paper uses a socio-technical building performance evaluation (BPE) approach to assess
the actual energy and environmental performance of three high-performance certified green office
buildings located in the composite and hot & dry climates of India. The in-use energy and environmental
performance of the buildings were examined using a technical building survey, energy consumption and
generation data, environmental monitoring, along with occupant satisfaction surveys. Results showed
that two case study buildings used less energy annually than design predictions, while one used about
5% more. All the case study buildings performed better than comparative benchmarks. However, energy
generation systems (rooftop photovoltaics) did not perform as intended. Indoor temperatures were
found to be lower in closed (cellular) offices as opposed to open offices. Occupant survey results
revealed that though occupants were satisfied with the overall design of the building, comfort levels and
indoor air quality, they perceived indoor lighting to be more than required. Recommendations are
provided for fine-tuning the performance of the buildings and the process of BPE for the Indian context.
Such empirical studies are expected to help build trust in the Indian building industry, which is currently shy of exposing itself to liability risk resulting from actual building performance.

Keywords: Building performance evaluation, office, LEED, IBGC.


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