Digitising the complex form

  • YEAR
    Egginton, Zane
    Popov, Nikolay
    Orams, Brett
    2010 Conference Papers


Abstract: The demands of Landscape Architects and Architects use of organic and complex forms at various scales heavily fuel this project. In a typical project a designer is often faced with three challenges, how to create a digital model, how to enhance their design and how to visualise the final product. However due to the limitations of typical CAD programs used in the industry as a stand alone solution for digital representation the designer may end up representing complex form by illustrating either by photographic means or hand rendering. While these two methods have their place as representational tools it limits the techniques available to the designer to manipulate and interrogate these forms as they would with a typical CAD model. The difficulty to produce digital models of complex forms limits the methods to visualise the design and often mutes the detail presented. In this paper we will look at techniques for digitising and manipulating the complex form in various ways.


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