Digitally fabricated housing: tracking the evolution through two decades

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    Elsayed, Kareem
    Fioravanti, Antonio
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Modes of Product and Mass Customisation


The author is investigating the ability of digital fabrication tools to provide an alternative method for creating affordable flexible single family residential units as a part of an ongoing PhD research. This paper presents a review of previous attempts within the time frame of twenty years with a thorough analysis and breakdown of the prototypes. It provides a time line tracking with milestones of the usage of digital fabrication tools in housing construction. The analysis will include but not limited to: Design/construction time – overall cost – materials for primary/secondary structure – tools for virtual design/actual fabrication – special design methods/considerations (when applicable). The case studies are organized in a comprehensive chronological table. The paper suggests there are three main trends for digital fabrication in housing.


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