Digital media within the Bachelor of Design Studies degree

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    McCarthy, Joshua
    2006 Conference Papers
    The Education of Future Architects


This study involves the assessment and restructure of the existing digital media components within the
Bachelor of Design Studies degree, in accordance with the requirements graduates face when entering
the workforce. The key objectives were to a) ascertain our students’ intended study paths, and their
interest in studying specific areas of digital media, and b) to determine the relevance of digital media
within the fields of occupation that stem from this program.

Employers’ expectations regarding potential employees, and the nature of projects graduates
experience when they enter the workforce were ascertained through interviews with industry
professionals. Questionnaires were created to determine current students’ interests regarding digital
media. These questionnaires concentrated on students’ experiences so far in the program, and
determined specific areas of digital media they were interested in studying.

The interviews emphasised the growing importance of digital media within all fields of design. Strong
digital skills are especially important for architectural graduates, as they will initially work primarily for
drafting and presentation purposes, while they are trained in the design principles of the firm. The
surveys demonstrated an appreciation for digital media across all areas of design.

This study assisted in three major outcomes within the Bachelor of Design Studies program.


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