Development of a perception based metrics for evaluating building façade aesthetics

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    Yammiyavar, Anita
    Roy, Madhumita
    2019 Conference Papers
    Building Performance Evaluation
    Conference Papers


The facade of a building is the starting point of ‘attention leading to formation of ‘perception’
resulting in the sum total nature of anticipated experiences. To answer the question why some buildings
are perceived as more “liked” than others, a framework to capture perceptions of shopping mall facades
by adopting a psychology theory -SOR (Stimulus – Object- Response) is attempted in this paper. Based
on shopping experience, responses of nearly 200 participants on features of shopping mall buildings
were obtained through a questionnaire designed to rate facades and their constituent design elements,
grouped together under constructs such as Aesthetics, Affect and Utility. Professional architects on
Gestalt parameters also rated these Shopping malls. Combining Architects’ Gestalt indices with
Birkhoff’s measures of aesthetics, a perceptual index for shopping malls is proposed. Such a metric
would facilitate comparisons of two or more facades from the user’s perception point of view and
predict the degree of ‘likability ‘of the designs at the concept rendering stage itself. Such an index is
intended to be useful in architectural practice. This paper reports the methodology and results of the
development process of the likeability perception index.

Keywords: Facade, Perceptual constructs, Metrics, Index


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