Developing the greenery: Results from a co-design project with landscape architects and schoolchildren in Auckland, New Zealand

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    Wake, Susan J.
    Wang, Qian
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science, Landscape and Urban Design
    Conference Papers


This paper presents the preliminary results of a landscape co-design project between the researcher (studying for a Masters in Landscape Architecture), her supervisor and a class of 9-11 year old students at a New Zealand primary school. The aim of the project was to develop a method that could be used by landscape architects in contributing to school ground greening projects that promote environmental and design learning. While the project is still on-going, several key findings have emerged. These include the importance of planning and project management within the co-design process, the enthusiasm and potential of children as designers and decision-makers, and the relative ease with which such processes can be carried out, giving reciprocal benefits for all participants. The paper concludes that the method developed could be easily used or adapted as required by landscape architects and the process is a valid way of involving schoolchildren in the design of their environments. The ongoing intention is to complete the project and disseminate these findings within the industry to encourage landscape architects, and the profession in general, to become more involved in providing specialist help to schools doing school ground greening projects.


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