Developing of intelligent building as an aspect of facility management in the Malaysian context

  • YEAR
    Mustapa, Syed Abdul Haris bin Syed
    Husin, Husrul Nizam
    Kamal, Kamarul Syahril
    2004 Conference Papers
    Building technology


ABSTRACT: Technology advancement has had its effect on the construction industry. More and more
buildings incorporate automated integrated services systems, which contribute to what is termed
“intelligent buildings”. There is no formal definition for intelligent buildings but the increasing number of
buildings in Malaysia, categorized as ‘intelligent’ instigated this research, which aims to highlight the
problems associated with the management of the intelligent building. This initial research study seeks
to: a) Identify ‘intelligent features’ of a building and how these match the needs of users; b) Identify the
basic concept of facility management and how appropriate it is for the management of intelligent
buildings. The paper is focused on the role of Facility Management in controlling and monitoring
modern buildings provided with automated systems. Two case studies of major new buildings,
recognized within the intelligent building category, are examined for analysis of their management and
organizational structure. The findings have revealed that the concept of facility management is not
generally understood and where the scope of work of facility management is covered the title is not


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