Developing international perspectives and prospects for architecture students

  • YEAR
    Ang, S.
    2004 Conference Papers
    Architectural education


ABSTRACT: The architecture community is both challenged and rewarded by a multitude of dynamic
phenomena related to professional practice of architecture in the 21st century, not least of which are
globalisation and internationalisation. The implications for architectural education are profound and
confronting, in terms of providing a relevant platform for graduates prepared for a professional climate
tempered by the impacts of these phenomena, and for a sustainable professional future. Architecture
students, who pursue the challenge of working either in an office overseas or a local multinational
office for professional experience and self-development, enrich the offices and the projects and open
up wider opportunities for future prospects for themselves. This paper presents an initial evaluation of
two educational initiatives developed and implemented at Deakin University, School of Architecture
and Building, which respond to current tertiary education objectives for internationalisation in relation to
increasing international experiences for students, developing international perspectives and increasing
prospects for their future. The outcome of the paper is to identify common learning experiences of
students which correspond to the aims of the programs and to review them against selected education
and strategic policies on internationalisation. The paper also discusses how these learning experiences
translate into desirable graduate attributes that might help secure the success of the profession in a
global arena.


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