Designing with thermal comfort indices in outdoor sites

  • YEAR
    Walls, Wendy L.
    Parker, Nicki
    Walliss, Jillian
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Thermal Comfort, Lighting and Acoustics


Design of outdoor sites for improved thermal comfort will contribute to greater use and value of these environments. Whilst there are many available thermal comfort indices, the complexity of external sites makes the useful application of these in outdoor site design difficult. This paper discusses two case studies: phase 5 of Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates and the Danginri Thermal City in Seoul, South Korea to illustrate the use of different thermal comfort indices in the design of open space. These case studies highlight the value of using indices when combined with other design tools and processes including multidisciplinary collaborative practices and digital technologies such as Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling. Importantly this combination of approaches shifts the emphasis from a focus on achieving specific thermal comfort measures, to a more comprehensive design approach. This shift demonstrates how design can work with relative change to extend the experience and use of outdoor space.


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