Design that Builds Industry Skill and Capacity

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    Bai, Ying
    Collins, Samuel
    Gillie, Thomas
    Lau, Gloria
    Law, Kwan
    Lovell, Kade
    Lucas, James
    Wong, Alex
    Nolan, Gregory
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


This paper explores the potential for innovative architectural design to build industry skill and
capacity, and support resilient regional economies. It is a result from a final‐year student Advanced Design
Research (ADR) project at the University of Tasmania’s (UTas) School of Architecture and Design that
focussed on the University’s $300m Northern Transformation program (NTP). The students followed a
mixed methods approach to seek to understand the potential for collaborative building design processes
to develop Tasmanian industry, and through their findings, support those active in overseeing the building
program maintain the conditions for this to occur. By the process’s end, the team was able to generate
and present a cohesive document, outlining aspects of innovation and capacity building through design
as well as providing 15 guidelines for the potential implementation of innovation. This paper sets out the
team’s methodology and the five major themes and fifteen guidelines for improving the likelihood of
successful design and construction innovation are presented and discussed.


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