Design and validation of a low cost indoor environment quality data logger

  • YEAR
    Carre, Andrew
    Williamson, Terence
    Soebarto, Veronica
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Design Assessments
    Conference Papers


The appraisal of indoor environment quality in residential dwellings presents a range of technical challenges. Indoor environment quality (IEQ) is often described as having thermal, visual, aural and olfactory dimensions, each of which is assessed subjectively by the resident. While it is possible to objectively assess physical parameters relating to each aspect of IEQ, either directly or indirectly, resident satisfaction with the environment is determined subjectively so must be inferred. In the field study of thermal comfort (FSTC) approach, objective physical measurements are collected simultaneously with resident preference and sensation information, usually via a diary or written survey. This research paper explores a new approach to residential IEQ appraisal which extends the FSTC approach to the visual, aural and olfactory dimensions using a low cost data collection system based upon the Arduino microcontroller platform. The paper describes the design developed, presents early validation results and draws preliminary conclusions.


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