Delivering on sustainability: sustainability imperatives influencing professional architectural practice

  • YEAR
    Antcliff, Megan
    2007 Conference Papers
    Towards Solutions for a Liveable Future: Practice.


Abstract: This paper describes the results of a survey conducted in a large commercial architectural
practice in Adelaide. The primary aim was to explore how professionals believe their time and energy
should best be invested over the various phases of delivery of an architectural project from inception to
building commissioning, and to compare this with what the literature in the area indicates as sustainabilitysignificant
phases of project delivery.

It was found that professional staff appear to have a good intuitive understanding of which phases of
project delivery are likely to impact sustainability outcomes of a given project, although there was a
general lack of focus on the post-completion phases of commissioning/building tuning and occupancy. It
was also found that although professional staff have a shared understanding of the project delivery
phases, professional groupings vary significantly in the importance they place on their role in each of the
delivery phases.


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