Daylight enhancement and lighting retrofits in educational buildings

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    Erhart, Dilay Kesten
    Tereci, Ayseg├╝l
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Thermal Comfort, Lighting and Acoustics


According to the International Energy Agency, lighting makes up about 19% (~3000 TWh) of the global electric consumption. Often the lighting energy savings cannot be provided in new buildings with new lighting systems. Therefore, major potential in lighting energy savings can be found in the existing building stock (older than 25 years). Educational environments such as schools, colleges, universities /campuses cover a significant percentage of the existing non-residential building stock. This study focuses on lighting solutions for the retrofitting of educational buildings, with a particular emphasis on two University lecture halls which are located in Turkey/Konya and Germany/Stuttgart. Evaluations of the pre-retrofitting lighting performance are based on the measurements and observations. After a detailed performance analysis, the best lighting retrofitting options were identified. The retrofitting scenarios were simulated in virtual environment and their impact in terms of identifying the most efficient are discussed. The cost of retrofit estimation is done using the Relight tool which is developed as a part of IEA- SHC Task 50 Subtask C.


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